How adults benefit

Whether  you are a  parent looking to have you and your child join together or are a young adult or advance adult , Fox of peace is a great place to learn self-defense, as our Master is extremely passionate about the martial arts and its traditions.

Martial arts will teach you more than how to protect yourself and loved ones. 

  • You learn how to react confidently and with a level head
  • You learn how to approach difficult situations in a calm and appropriate manner

Our Traditions

Martial arts are an amazing creative outlet for children. The team at Fox of Peace is passionate about providing the best personalized instruction and the most dedicated instructors. Since our class sizes are designed to be semi-private your child will experience a lot of one on one instruction.

Everyone learns differently and is physically different. Our classes are adjusted to take these differences into consideration and designed to be challenging enough for each student to grow independently.

We work with parents to understand what area they would like their child to grow, for example focus or politeness for example.

Kitsune Kenpo traces its roots to ancient Okinawa in the Kyushu region of Japan and as such is  founded on the principles and traditions passed down through previous generations.

  • Rectitude: Morally correct behavior or thinking, righteousness.
  • Courage: Strength in the face of adversity
  • Benevolence: Disposition to do good
  • Politeness: Respect & courteousness
  • Sincerity: Honesty & earnestness
  • Honor: Self respect for oneself & one’s school
  • Loyalty: A strong feeling of support or alliance
  • Self-control: controlling your impulses

We strive to be an external source of guidance for our students by teaching these principles in every class and every discussion. We teach our students to support each other in the personal growth they experience studying martial arts and work hard to support lifelong friendships.

Take the first step

"Concentrate on the first steps rather than the entire journey." ― Japanese Proverb